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Staff Punishment Guide - How to properly punish people!


Staff member
Hello (staff)
In this guide I'm going to show you how to properly punish people.
This guide is visible to normal members, so they will have a proof if they didn't get false banned.

First of all, any staff member does have right to punish you without filling these requirements only in case, if:
- Player have violated rules earlier
- Player is an alt of punished player
- Player shows exploit, hacking, griefing activities
- Player got cached on attempt on exploiting
- Player tried exploit

Tempban, Ban, IP-Ban:
- Player uses illegal modifications of their game (cheat clients and related)
- Player insults other server members continously, even tho he has been warned at least 3 times
- Player uses server bugs, or tries to exploit game ex. block bug
- Player tried to cheat in-game and got detected by anticheat with at least 1 ACVL
- Player owns inappropriate buildings, signs, chat messages, private chat messages, books contents, or any related.

- Player says curse words in public chat
- Player bullies other players

- Player leaks other member's private informations
- Player keeps saying curse words after at least 3 warnings
- Player floods the chat continuously. (ex. "fiwsdjhfmjkhclkffdscerghbdfcgbrtshb" or "_________________________") as messages, which have no common sense

marCloud Anticheat (LeonAHack):
- The server's anticheat has right to ban player in any moment, if they get detected by ACVLs. (Ban message must contain "[MAC] [<game>] Hacks detected, <player>")
- If player get false banned due to a false positive, they have full right to appeal for the punishment.
Server false positives will never occur in servers with LeonAHack version 1.6 or higher (You can check version in server selector)

Punishment appeals:
- If a player has a proof they weren't using cheats, they must include it in their appeal.
- In case of false ban by a staff member, player has right to appeal, but they must include a chat log.

Staff punishing rules:
- Staff members have never right to use Anticheat's message template. In case of such a ban, event staff member becomes fired.