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New Survival Server (Season III)

Hello Users,
Today, (2/23/2020), marCloud is releasing it's new SURVIVAL SERVER (III).
Unlike previous edition (II), there's going to be classic vanilla world. And alike edition (I), there is a city Stonegard.
This server is community based, so all features there included, are selected by the server's community.
For now features are:
- Custom Essentials plugin
- Simple, nice spawn
- Big spawn area
- City Stonegard
- No staff abuse
- Best Anticheat
- Advanced AntiXray
- No more economy, the currency are survival items.
- No more custom generated world.
- Insane performance
- Better server specs (8 cores, 4GB ram heap)
- Website WORLD MAP
- Claim /claim

The website with world is located on following link:
You can zoom, change views and switch worlds, and even chat thru website, which allows to see what happens to your builds even if you're at school ;)

If you have any new requests, post in discord.
Best regards
Owner, the catty