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Anticheat JUNE 2020 recode + ultimate features!

Ok so, in this article I would like to tell you about our new Anti cheat, that we created out of all our Anti cheat versions we ever made.
The new version contains insanely awesome features, that keep the checks accurate, fast and optimised.
First of all, we decided to leave Protocol Lib away, and do everything from plain NMS. Thanks to this, we achieved no false positives.
The current Anti cheat works based on network analysis, player behaviour checks as well as something sort of machine learning.
The ML collects all data such as position and actions (packets), and when player get banned, staff can decide if it was accurate ban or not, if so, it gets all data collected for the user and people he frighted (useful for aura check), and adds it to its algorithm to ban players.
We completely abandoned AURA BOT feature, as its super easy to bypass, and is annoying to have a bot flying behind you. This was not custom feature though, so yeah, its gone.
We also added something, about what you could hear from another huge server. The Replay system. It works super easy. When Anti cheat detects even once a player for anything, it starts recording them and the world surrounding the potential hacker. After they get banned, staff can just play the replay and flex on the goodness of out Anti cheat 🤣 just kidding xd. For real, if someone posts appeal saying its false ban, we can check if it is for real a false ban, however the new methods of checks are almost impossible to flag legit actions. Also it allows us to check the ban, and improve Anti cheat, as well as check ban evaders, and punish them with IP ban.
The next update is useful for our staff. It is a cross-server alerts feature. It allows us to see alerts from lets say Knock it from Bed wars, so we can click the chat and check the player. If we see them hacking, they get a juicy IP ban!
The next, even more cool feature, used just for improvement is getting alerts in Discord server. This is done thru a Web Hook. It just sends it to specified channel, so we can know when to come, spectate and flex.
As a very cool feature, when a player hits another player, and the hit is detected as not legit, the victim of hacker gets no damage, and gets information in chat, that their attacker might be using hacks. This feature is not implemented yet, and is not even started, however its super easy to do, and seems to be a nice idea.
As the PVP update releases soon, the knock back of other users may be reduced, or multiplied, depending on player actions. As it uses NMS, we check sent packets, so do not worry about Anti KB flags, everything we do on server side is one thing, not multiple different. Anti cheat's source has everything we change or add, so it knows how to behave (we are good parents, we learn him good behaviour c:)

I would like to add, that these features MAY NOT be our 1st idea, for example Replay System already exists on a server. Some ideas, such as NMS are also used for example in a very good PracticePVP server. However, we try to do all we can to keep this as user friendly as possible, so if you have even more ideas, feel free to give them to us, you will be credited :D

The Anti cheat Update is still in pre alpha, and is tested around the network.
The final release date is NOT known for now. The development is in deep progress. We will notify you in real time!
Best regards