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    Seller Minion Bug

    Seller Minion Should be fixed! 🐞
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    Skyblock normal shop bug

    Should be fixed! 🐞
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    Should be fixed! 🐞
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    Have Lag on

    Hello if you have lag on the server, I'm completely sorry. Here some ways you can decrease the lag. *Please Note* The server is hosted in Poland. There will always be a ping lag if you live within a faraway place from the server. There are two different types of lag, one is ping and the other is...
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    I'm still an admin

    I'm still an admin
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    Allow us to say links in chat about marcloud. such as the following . . .
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    bug on prison

    "that kit does not exist"
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    bug on prison

    1 right click with chest in hand 2 click on the chestplate (in chat it will say) "that kid does not exist"
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    no potion npc btw you get a 2 in one deal the second one is /help it says when typed "error: you don't have permission to use that warp."
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    hard to find bugs ill tell you

    it says that when you type /store btw
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    hard to find bugs ill tell you

    in chat every so often it says type /store to purchase crate keys (it says this) "Command not found or you don't have permission"
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    i have a -4 island level idk

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    a miss spelling word

    look at screenshot amaount(how it's spelled) amount (how it should be spelled)
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    well almost bug free

    you have to type /token shop shop to open the token shop. Most servers have something like this. BE DIFFERENT!
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    Got a bug 4 you.

    btw it says that for all cancel quests
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    don't know why this is here

    1 click on the quest master NPC 2 click on the quill n book in middle and in chat is says this (in screenshot) [something about the island border]
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    cool server but a couple bugs her and their

    1 go to the "island upgrades" NPC 2 click on the head that says "homes upgrade" 3 hover over the level one upgrade (the upgrade cost is not colored) might know how to fix: swap the f and $ around
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    1 type /help 2 click on google chrome head look in chat (in screenshot)
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    not really a bug but for people who don't know "code" might think it is

    1 type /kit 2 click on user kit 3 select a kit that you don't have rank for an it says in chat "error: you need the essentials.kits.ruby(any of the ranks fits) permission to use that kit