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  1. Marcelektro

    Anticheat JUNE 2020 recode + ultimate features!

    Hello. Welcome! Ok so, in this article I would like to tell you about our new Anti cheat, that we created out of all our Anti cheat versions we ever made. The new version contains insanely awesome features, that keep the checks accurate, fast and optimised. First of all, we decided to leave...
  2. Marcelektro

    Staff List

    The Server Management Team Owners: - Edytka1 - Marcelektro Admins: - Unrushed Moderators: - LUKA comming soon
  3. Marcelektro

    How to use your own skin?

    Hello. In this tutorial I am going to show you, how to use your own skin on your MC character on marCloud Minigames server. 1. First thing you need to do is to have the skin file. It usually looks like a flatted skin. Example skin: 2. You need to upload the skin to imgur. (). 3. Once...
  4. Marcelektro

    Forgot password?

    FORGOTTEN PASSWORD Have you forgot password for your marCloud Minigames Network account? Its easy to restore! 1. Contact support The best way to get your password back is to message staff members on our DISCORD server. We're going to help you with restoring your account! Similar guides Logging...
  5. Marcelektro

    Registering on the server! - Guide for new members!

    MARCLOUD REGISTER GUIDE Hello. Welcome to marCloud. If you are here, it means you need help with logging in on our server. This guide is going to teach you how to properly register in order to let your account be safe! You seems to own not paid account (aka. cracked, no premium). Premium users...
  6. Marcelektro

    Staff Punishment Guide - How to properly punish people!

    Hello (staff) In this guide I'm going to show you how to properly punish people. This guide is visible to normal members, so they will have a proof if they didn't get false banned. First of all, any staff member does have right to punish you without filling these requirements only in case, if...
  7. Marcelektro

    Prison UpDate!

    Hello We just released our new Prison server. It is awesome so come play! Changes: - Maps tweak improvements! - Plugins bugs fixes - Menus update - New commands - /help command - Votes .. much more Best regards! Owner
  8. Marcelektro

    Server Store

  9. Marcelektro

    Ranks Guidelines

    As ranked player with any bought or given due to some conditions, you must follow server’s terms of service and agree with rules and privacy policy Conditions to give rank for free YouTube: To get YouTube rank on our network you must have active YouTube channel, 200+ subscribers, not violated...
  10. Marcelektro


    Hello! Did you ever wanted to get a free prize for doing practically nothing? That means voting is right for you! Voting is showing others that you enjoy our server, so you bump it to be over other ones! In order to vote you need to click one of following links, click VOTE, enter your nick in...
  11. Marcelektro

    Bedwars Lobby Update!

    Hello users! marCloud just have released bedwars update! We made the spawn more cool. Check out :D These are leaks! Come play and look yourself :) Regards Marcelektro and Edytka1
  12. Marcelektro

    New MurderMystery Map update

    Hey people! We released Murder Mystery maps and design updates! Check them out! If you liked, come play on :D Regards Owner
  13. Marcelektro

    KitPVP Map + Core Update

    Hello everyone! We are happy to announce that we just released an awesome KitPVP update to our network. Since it was boring, we added some exciting new features to make it cool. Changelog: - New map - AntiCheat Ban Animation - New AntiCheat - New core: -- Added Divisions -- Added Rankups...
  14. Marcelektro

    Punishments website

    Hello, Due to many requests, we have now punishment website You can see all punishments there Regards
  15. Marcelektro

    We got bot-spammed. Unfortunately, we survived them with 20 tps.

    Hello The title is sarcasm. We got bot-spammed by some kids using popular websites to bot minecraft networks. Our security tho was removing the bots instantly, and adding them to firewall blacklist which made us survive the attack without losses of speed or real players. This shows me talk to...
  16. Marcelektro

    Lobby map 2020 update!

    Hello users, We are happy to announce, that Edytka1 and me finished the work on marClou's new lobby map. There are many reason why we changed it, the most important one is that the new one is less laggy due to less amount of builds. Also as you might feel, the change gave lobby a new style which...
  17. Marcelektro

    New Survival Server (Season III)

    Hello Users, Today, (2/23/2020), marCloud is releasing it's new SURVIVAL SERVER (III). Unlike previous edition (II), there's going to be classic vanilla world. And alike edition (I), there is a city Stonegard. This server is community based, so all features there included, are selected by the...
  18. Marcelektro

    [IMPORTANT] Punishment Appeals

    PUNISHMENT APPEAL REPORT GUIDE Have you been punished on our server? Are you sure that you don’t deserve specific punishment? You can post a punishment appeal. Before you do anything, be sure you follow the appeal posting requirements Check your ban at:
  19. Marcelektro

    [IMPORTANT] Staff application

    MARCLOUD STAFF APPLICATION TUTORIAL + INFO Hello user, if you're there, it means you would like to help our server's rules to be followed by applying for Helper rank in our staff team. However, there are some requirements that you need to meet. If you're sure you can apply, please use the...
  20. Marcelektro

    Skywars's 1.12 + bridging fixes.

    Hey, so I got many reports that building on 1.15 is sick. I reviewed the issue and that was true bad issue. The blocks keep disappearing. I went to other servers to see if its true. It was ... So I have taken an action and fixed the issue. So I can say Im better than HiveMC lol Regards and...