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marCloud MC Rules

» marCloud Network Rules

These terms of services are ONLY for marCloud Minigames Network - a server for Minecraft game!
By joining the server you automatically accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
Not knowing the Terms of Service or Privacy Policy does not exonerate you from complying with them.

1. Privacy
  • Data we collect: Your username, Your IP address and In-Game informations (Your UUID and it's name, your skin, your chat history including commands)
  • What do we do with this data: We use it ONLY for purpose of making the server a better place. IP is needed for IP bans, or checking for ALT accounts, your skin is needed to cache it for the skin system (/skin).
  • Who can access your data: IP: server only, the rest: staff from moderator rank and higher
  • Where is the data stored: We store it on the marCloud Database server.
  • Can I request my data: We do not support doing this, however we can do it if you have a reason for that. Just ask Marcelektro to do so, this will require them to login to the database, get all informations, zip and send to you (all done in a secure way)

2. Terms of serivce
  • Any virtual product bought on is property of marCloud Minigames Network. User just gains access to it.
  • You may lose access to your product or account with its data by breaking the server rules (for example cheating)
  • We will not ask you for any kind of personal informations. In case of being asked for these, please report this to us ASAP, this will be attempt of data phishing.
  • In case of no access to the server, please contact us immediately using Discord Community Server, or any official way of communication.

3. Server rules Following actions are not allowed:
  • Cheating in game: Using client modifications that provide an unfair advantage above other players. This excludes render utilities such as Optifine zoom, 5Zig mod. Examples of illegal modifications: flight, reach, autoclicker, aimbot, fly, scaffold, or ESP hack, xray hack, nametags hacks and any other related to these.
  • Insulting other users: We strictly enforce our users to keep the rules of culture in the chat, and any other way of communication (example: sign, block letters etc.). This includes saying mean things to other players for example "EASY" or "L".
  • Cheating using game glitches: In case you find a glitch, please contact us to fix this, and do not use it to gain advantage over other players. Continous game glitching with no report of the glitch may result in a punishment.
  • Attempts of hacking our services IN ANY WAY are punishable, or may even result in permanent blacklist.
  • By playing on the server you are supposed to reply to staff questions or requests. Not doing so may result in a punishment for lack of cooperation.
  • Leaking other users any information they don't want to be shared publicly is not allowed.
  • Advertising other servers, websites, or anything not marCloud related is not allowed!
  • Mailicious behaviour (example: attempting to lag the server, crash or make it function bad) (This rule extends cheating in game).
  • Boosting your statistics
  • You must keep the chat clean

What should you do when playing on our server:
  • Keep the community nice and friendly place for any user of any age, country or gender.
  • Use common sense in your statements
  • Have fun!

What happens when you break the rules?:
  • Depending on the rule you broke you may get banned, temp-banned, muted or warned.
  • You may be crashed or rickrolled (

4. Contact In case of any question server related, please use one of our official ways to contact us:
  • marCloud Forums - contact
  • Email to
  • Support ticket on marCloud Community Discord

If your help request is not replied to by a staff member or server owner, this may be because of non-topic message content, or just earlier violation of our rules.

*These rules may be changed anytime with no user notification
*These rules are cool
*If you do not want to follow these rules, don't play there!