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marCloud MC

Anticheat JUNE 2020 recode + ultimate features!

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Ok so, in this article I would like to tell you about our new Anti cheat, that we created out of all our Anti cheat versions we ever made.
The new version contains insanely awesome features, that keep the checks accurate, fast and optimised.
First of all, we decided to leave Protocol Lib away, and do everything from plain NMS. Thanks to this, we achieved no false positives.
The current Anti cheat works based on network analysis, player behaviour checks as well as something sort of machine learning.
The ML collects all data such as position and actions (packets), and when player get banned, staff can decide if it was accurate ban or not, if so, it gets all data collected for the user and people he frighted (useful for aura check), and adds it to its algorithm to ban players.
We completely abandoned AURA BOT feature, as its super easy to bypass, and is annoying to have a bot flying behind you. This was not custom feature though, so yeah, its gone.
We also added...

Prison UpDate!

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We just released our new Prison server.
It is awesome so come play!

- Maps tweak improvements!
- Plugins bugs fixes
- Menus update
- New commands
- /help command
- Votes
.. much more

Best regards!

Bedwars Lobby Update!

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Hello users!
marCloud just have released bedwars update!
We made the spawn more cool.
Check out :D


These are leaks!
Come play and look yourself :)
Marcelektro and Edytka1

New MurderMystery Map update

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Hey people!
We released Murder Mystery maps and design updates!
Check them out!


If you liked, come play on :D

KitPVP Map + Core Update

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Hello everyone!

We are happy to announce that we just released an awesome KitPVP update to our network.
Since it was boring, we added some exciting new features to make it cool.

- New map
- AntiCheat Ban Animation
- New AntiCheat
- New core:
-- Added Divisions
-- Added Rankups leaderboard
-- Added TOP heads


Punishments website

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Due to many requests, we have now punishment website
You can see all punishments there

We got bot-spammed. Unfortunately, we survived them with 20 tps.

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The title is sarcasm. We got bot-spammed by some kids using popular websites to bot minecraft networks.
Our security tho was removing the bots instantly, and adding them to firewall blacklist which made us survive the attack without losses of speed or real players.

This shows me talk to the bot sender.

Me: How do you enjoy botting us?
Me: You lose right? :D
Hacker: me?
Me: Someone of you keep boting me
Me: XYZProxy which means cproxy

So basically I won :D

I write this here so if you, hacker, read this, be sure that you can never cause us downtime :D


Lobby map 2020 update!

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Hello users,
We are happy to announce, that Edytka1 and me finished the work on marClou's new lobby map.
There are many reason why we changed it, the most important one is that the new one is less laggy due to less amount of builds.
Also as you might feel, the change gave lobby a new style which is more marCloud-y. (Jungle)

Here's a leak of the spawn :D

We hope to see you ingame!
Best regards
Owner and Edytka1

New Survival Server (Season III)

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Hello Users,
Today, (2/23/2020), marCloud is releasing it's new SURVIVAL SERVER (III).
Unlike previous edition (II), there's going to be classic vanilla world. And alike edition (I), there is a city Stonegard.
This server is community based, so all features there included, are selected by the server's community.
For now features are:
- Custom Essentials plugin
- Simple, nice spawn
- Big spawn area
- City Stonegard
- No staff abuse
- Best Anticheat
- Advanced AntiXray
- No more economy, the currency are survival items.
- No more custom generated world.
- Insane performance
- Better server specs (8 cores, 4GB ram heap)
- Website WORLD MAP
- Claim /claim

The website with world is located on following link:
You can zoom, change views and switch worlds, and even chat thru website, which allows to see what happens to your builds even if you're at school ;)

If you have any new...

Skywars's 1.12 + bridging fixes.

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so I got many reports that building on 1.15 is sick.
I reviewed the issue and that was true bad issue.
The blocks keep disappearing.
I went to other servers to see if its true. It was ...
So I have taken an action and fixed the issue.
So I can say Im better than HiveMC lol
Regards and thank you for report

Duels Update

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Hello everyone,
We have released a new Duels game mode update
There's a new lobby and much more improvements
If you want to see, just join the server :p

A huge performance update!

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so as you saw, sometimes when playing games, there was a bad lag spike that was making your game bad and not smooth.
The issue has been fixed!
All we did is we migrated main proxy server from the one with other games to separated one.
That made MYSQL work faster and cpu have more cores, so lags are gone
That's all!


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Hello all,
We have just released a huge sky wars update!

What we changed?
- New custom maps
- New anti cheat
- New overall design
- New spawn
- New (all)

Why update?
- Recently our sky wars were not the best game on our network, and since many people enjoy that, we simply decided to make it best!

Does that affect my old statistics?
- No, we have migrated all your old stats to new SW, so don't worry, if you were on top, you're still then...

Who made maps?
- Me

Who coded plugins?
- Our team

Whats anti cheat?
- MAC (marCloud AntiCheat) actually one of the best with least amount of false positives.
-- Machine learning
-- Leon is cool

Website creation!

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Hello Users,
Welcome to marCloudMC Official Forums.
Since today (26.02.2020) this website becomes 1st important website of marCloud Minigames Network.
If you have any kind of questions and want to talk about marCloud MC, use these forums.
Best regards!