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    Anticheat JUNE 2020 recode + ultimate features!

    Hello. Welcome! Ok so, in this article I would like to tell you about our new Anti cheat, that we created out of all our Anti cheat versions we ever made. The new version contains insanely awesome features, that keep the checks accurate, fast and optimised. First of all, we decided to leave...
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    Staff List

    The Server Management Team Owners: - Edytka1 - Marcelektro Admins: - Unrushed Moderators: - LUKA comming soon
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    How to use your own skin?

    Hello. In this tutorial I am going to show you, how to use your own skin on your MC character on marCloud Minigames server. 1. First thing you need to do is to have the skin file. It usually looks like a flatted skin. Example skin: 2. You need to upload the skin to imgur. (). 3. Once...
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    Forgot password?

    FORGOTTEN PASSWORD Have you forgot password for your marCloud Minigames Network account? Its easy to restore! 1. Contact support The best way to get your password back is to message staff members on our DISCORD server. We're going to help you with restoring your account! Similar guides Logging...
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    Registering on the server! - Guide for new members!

    MARCLOUD REGISTER GUIDE Hello. Welcome to marCloud. If you are here, it means you need help with logging in on our server. This guide is going to teach you how to properly register in order to let your account be safe! You seems to own not paid account (aka. cracked, no premium). Premium users...
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    Staff Punishment Guide - How to properly punish people!

    Hello (staff) In this guide I'm going to show you how to properly punish people. This guide is visible to normal members, so they will have a proof if they didn't get false banned. First of all, any staff member does have right to punish you without filling these requirements only in case, if...
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    well almost bug free

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    Prison UpDate!

    Hello We just released our new Prison server. It is awesome so come play! Changes: - Maps tweak improvements! - Plugins bugs fixes - Menus update - New commands - /help command - Votes .. much more Best regards! Owner
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    i have a -4 island level idk

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    Got a bug 4 you.

    so weird
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    a miss spelling word

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    hard to find bugs ill tell you

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    bug on prison

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