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[IMPORTANT] Staff application


Staff member
Hello user,
if you're there, it means you would like to help our server's rules to be followed by applying for Helper rank in our staff team.
However, there are some requirements that you need to meet.
If you're sure you can apply, please use the template shown bellow in order to make the process easier. You can still make own, but please include all questions shown in template.

- 14+ Years old
- Working MIC, ability to voice call
- Ability to record proofs of rule breaker and easily share them
- Having good grades in school (ha ha)
- Didn't break any rule on marCloud network / chat
- Being staff / owning any other public server is not the best when applying and might cause a deny. Exception can be set by describing it.
- Having enough brain cells.

- If you want to be staff temporary, don't bother and don't apply.
- If you are staff on other server, please include on which and does it affect time spent on this one.
- If you own any public server, include the info about it.
- After you post the application, just wait for us to message you. Sending multiple applications will result in instant denial.

Application example template:

What's Your Discord Name And Tag?
What's Your Minecraft Username? (in game)
What's Your Age? (14+ minimum, otherwise instant deny)
Whats Your Hobbies, how do you spend your spare time? (except MC)
What's Your Time Zone? (If you don't know, give us your country, state, so we can calculate)
What Languages Do You fluently Speak? (without glitching every word)
Do You Have A Working Microphone That You Are Willing To Use?
How Did You Find marCloud Server / Community?
When Did You Start Playing marCloud? *
How do you find our server's quality? Describe.
Do you like community being there, and what should we change?
What's Your server activity time? (playtime and first join date)
You are having fun on a game and some user DM you saying, someone is cheating. You are winning, but you have asking person for help, what would you do?
You banned a rule breaker. Then his friends spam you that you're stupid and you're bad staff member. What do you do?
You feel someone is hacking, but he doesn't get detected by anticheat. What do you do? (in this case anticheat always detects hackers)
"Doing everything that player wants is the most important. Even helping with stuff on survival or items" What do you think about this?
"Rules must be strict, always punish for breaking them" What do you think about this statement?
"I wanna make this server best" Would you think you can do this? And how?
If you have anything you want us to know, just say what you want, its your application.

Post - Application Important:
If you get denied, there must be reason.
If you get trial access, it means, your application wasn't clear enough so you have now chance to show your power.

If you feel good to start, copy the template shown above and add your answer under every question!
Good Luck!

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